One of a kind

Helen Yarmak

Helen Yarmak is an acclaimed jewelry and fashion designer to a select clientele around the world who collect her distinctive one-of-a-kind jewelry and fashion creations. 

A Ph.D. in mathematics, Yarmak’s remarkable fashion journey began from her Moscow kitchen designing lingerie for an underserved audience which advanced methodically to fashion, jewelry and multiple salons in Moscow, Milan and Manhattan that showcase her unique pieces to individuals in search of the unique including Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez and those whose name preclude anonymity.

Always captivated and influenced by the natural world, her designs reflect the extravagant, the subtle and the intangible qualities of mother nature’s beautiful universe. “I believe today, like in ancient times, that stones and natural elements have an inherent magical quality that impart strength, good fortune and good health, which is why I refer to my pieces as Natural Luxury” says Yarmak.

Helen Yarmak’s select creations speak for themselves - naturally.

  • Best International Designer of the Year, New York Fashion Week

  • Best International Jewelry Designer of the Year, Russian American Foundation in Cooperation with New York Post

  • Leadership Award, International Understanding Foundation (New York)

  • Outstanding Entrepreneur of the Year Award, Women in Business Organization (Washington, D.C.)

  • Creator of the Year Award, "Creativity" Magazine with the Journalists Union

New York Showroom

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Helen Yarmak

CEO & Founder
elevated elegance

Fashion First

Helen Yarmak International designs and produces furs, jewelry, and accessories. House's first models were labeled "Helen" when soon after the "Helen Yarmak" brand appeared and became popular all around the world.

In 2002 she won the Best International Designer of the Year at the New York Fashion Week. Since then, she has spearheaded numerous successful production launches.

  • New York

  • Moscow

  • Milan

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Lasting love for fashion deserves a high-quality expressive look. Our designs are made to outlast changing trends yet stay adaptable to every individual's style. Express your uniqueness and beauty.